AI and Web3 Fashion Move Into High Gear

Seamm's insights on new virtual destinations and brand collaborations

Apr 22, 2024

In an exhilarating leap into the future of fashion, major brands are embracing the AI and Web3 roadmap, showcasing immersive experiences that redefine the intersection of technology and style. Here's a glimpse into these pioneering initiatives transforming the fashion landscape.

Adidas Steps into Web3 with Stepn

In a significant development, Adidas has partnered with the Web3 sneaker startup Stepn to introduce a unique collection of NFT sneakers. The collaboration debuted with a limited edition of 1,000 pairs featuring Stepn’s dynamic lightning bolt logo alongside Adidas’ iconic three stripes. These digital collectibles, available since April 17th on Mooar, an NFT marketplace affiliated with Stepn, are minted on the Solana blockchain, emphasizing their exclusive appeal.

This "Genesis collection" is just the beginning of a series of co-branded ventures, promising both digital and physical releases over the upcoming year. As Stepn and other Web3 sneaker startups navigate the fluctuating crypto market, partnerships with established conglomerates like Adidas provide crucial support and access to expansive resources.

Vivienne Tam and Altava: Pioneering AI in Fashion

In a striking move, renowned fashion designer Vivienne Tam has teamed up with AI fashion-tech company Altava. This partnership kicked off with an impressive CGI video at the Palais de Tokyo, setting a high standard for their ongoing collaboration. Details of their broader engagement, expected to be revealed later this year, promise to unlock new realms of creative expression.

With a portfolio boasting collaborations with luxury titans like Balmain and Prada, Altava is an emerging name in the AI fashion sector. This collaboration is poised to blend Tam’s knack for merging technology with cultural heritage, expanding her innovative reach.

Nike’s Project A.I.R: Revolutionizing Athletic Wear

Nike has also made headlines with Project A.I.R, a new platform that uses generative AI to swiftly design and prototype athletic footwear. At a recent gala in Paris, Nike introduced 13 AI-generated sneakers, including designs co-created with soccer star Kylian Mbappé, spotlighting the practical applications of AI in enhancing athletic performance.

Hugo Boss and the Virtual Retail Revolution

To mark the launch of its Spring/Summer 2024 collection, BOSS is unveiling an exclusive experience at BOSS House Bali for a select group of HUGO BOSS EXPERIENCE members, VIPs, media, and key influencers from the Asia-Pacific region. Starting April 17, BOSS transforms a beautifully designed villa by architect Alexis Dornier on the picturesque island of Bali into a vibrant showcase of the BOSS lifestyle. Guests are treated to a host of memorable activities, including gourmet dining, cooking classes, wellness workshops, and adventurous outings.


Concurrently, BOSS is launching the House Bali Virtual Experience globally on, allowing a worldwide audience to immerse themselves in this digital-first activation. Visitors to the virtual villa can peruse and purchase items from the extensive BOSS collections, which include menswear, womenswear, footwear, accessories, and fragrances. Notably, the range features everything from linen suits and sleeveless silk-blend dresses to sneakers, swimwear, and handbags. Additionally, visitors can explore holiday collections within the BOSS universe and even book a physical stay at BOSS House Bali.

Adding a playful element to the virtual experience, visitors can engage in a gamification feature where they search for hidden letters throughout the villa to spell out "BOSS BALI." Successful players are rewarded with a discount code, enhancing engagement and fostering brand loyalty in a uniquely interactive way. 

These pioneering moves by Adidas, Vivienne Tam, Nike, and Hugo Boss highlight a thrilling era of AI and Web3 integration in fashion. Each step forward not only enhances brand innovation but also sets new standards for the industry’s future, making it an exciting time for all involved in the fashion-tech nexus. As we continue to monitor these developments, one thing is clear: the fusion of fashion and technology is just getting started.

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