The Era of Digital Product Passports Begins

Luxury Fashion Combats Counterfeits with Phygital Digital Twins

Jun 21, 2024

The concept of 'phygital,' merging the physical and digital realms, has transformed how products are consumed, authenticated, and experienced. Seamm, a phygital platform reshaping fashion, showcases collections where every piece boasts a 3D digital twin as part of Digital Product Passports.

Alexandra Maslova, Co-CEO of Seamm, articulates that introducing a phygital dimension to luxury products creates a seamless bridge between online and offline worlds. This fusion appeals to modern consumers and future-proof brands against evolving technological landscapes, especially by leveraging the opportunities that Digital Product Passports bring.

Purpose of Digital Twins in Luxury Fashion

3D digital twins, previously part of NFTs and now the main components of Digital Product Passports linked to physical items, extend beyond mere digital replicas. These blockchain-backed entities store product-related information, enhancing the customer's experience through added benefits and perks. This innovation plays a crucial role in sustainability efforts and streamlining supply chains, significantly impacting brands' operational efficiencies.

Digital Product Passport of 'Year of the Jaguar Sweater', Pineapples Don't Have Sleeves

Moreover, amidst the ongoing battle against counterfeit products—a challenge that costs the luxury sector dearly—digital twins offer a robust solution. By linking 3D digital twins to physical items in the form of Digital Product Passports, each product's authenticity can be irrefutably verified, leveraging blockchain's inherent security features.

Brands Leading the Phygital Charge

Several high-profile brands are making notable strides in integrating phygital concepts:

Ambush: This Japanese streetwear icon has merged physical and digital realms through NFC-chipped apparel, allowing owners to authenticate their purchases seamlessly.

Phygital AMBUSH®︎ & AZUKI drop: a necklace, and a hoodie with a NFC Chip. The chip allows blockchain verification by scanning it with a phone, and linking it to the owner's digital wallet.

Dior: Their B33 sneaker line incorporates NFC chips linking to NFTs, which not only confirm authenticity but also provide access to exclusive brand content and services.

Puma: In collaboration with Roc Nation, Puma's Mixtape sneakers connect to NFTs that unlock unique digital experiences, like access to unreleased music tracks, blending lifestyle and digital innovation.

Emerging Innovations: SmrtKuffs by Nicole Steel

Nicole Steel, a prominent figure at Paris Haute Couture Week, introduced the SmrtKuff for Apple Watches. This Diamond-Packed Apple Watch Cuff, ranging from luxurious to accessible, features NFC chips that offer digital IDs backed by NFTs, showcasing the provenance and craftsmanship details.


How does SmrtKuff™️ work? Simply, just like any other Apple Watch®️ compatible band, but Maison Steel is the only brand who can make it. We show you here

♬ original sound - La Maison Steel

Steel's strategic focus on Apple Watch enthusiasts underscores a tailored approach to integrating blockchain, enhancing accessibility and user familiarity with the technology.

Looking Ahead: The Phygital Future

As the boundary between physical and digital continues to fade, the fashion industry's integration of blockchain technology plays a pivotal role. According to Zagabond, founder of Azuki, 2024 is set to witness further explorations into this merging landscape, aiming to connect mainstream consumers with Web3 communities seamlessly.

In conclusion, the successful adoption of phygital concepts in fashion hinges on the industry's ability to present blockchain elements in user-friendly, familiar formats. Seamm stands as a beacon of innovation in this domain, ensuring that as the world shifts towards Web3, the transition is as smooth and engaging as possible, promising a new era of digital luxury.

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