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Seamm For Fashion Week. Anciela


Anciela is a London-based conscious womenswear label that celebrates South American folklore and experimental tailoring.


The phygital pop-up at London Fashion WeekLocation: 16 Calvert Ave, London E2 7JD


AR try-on mirror, and facilitation of direct purchasing of phygital items via the Seamm app.

(  Solution  )

A Mirror With AR Try-On

The mirror is equipped with an instruction sticker.

Customer Journey

  1. Visitor scans the QR code and downloads the Seamm app.
  2. Opens the camera in the Seamm app and scans the QR code again.
  3. Visitor sees a screen with a filter by brand name and selects the option to open AR Try-on.
  4. Engages in fitting with a phone and observes the reflection in the mirror.

(  Summing up  )


Jennifer Droguett

Creative Director, Anciela

“ If you missed our ‘Phygital’ event, don’t worry! The magical thing about Seamm is that you can use it anywhere with your device. Special thanks to the amazing Seamm for crafting wonderful digital twins.

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