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Seamm For Fashion Week. #DAMUR


#DAMUR is a Berlin-based high-end streetwear brand. With each collection, they challenge the labels society wants to impose upon us.


The launch of #DAMUR latest collection at AW24 Berlin Fashion Week. Location: NIO House Berlin


Immersive event invitations with RSVP, an AR try-on mirror, and facilitation of direct purchasing of phygital items via the Seamm app.

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Immersive Invitation

Every visitor received an exclusive digital asset with the AR Try-On lens and a unique QR RSVP via email.

3D Digital Twins

Seamm created 3D digital twins of the new collection; AR Try-On lenses; the customization feature of every twin and Minecraft & Roblox skins.

Mirror AR Try-On

A few locations at the event venue were designated for the AR Try-On of the Seamm x #DAMUR phygital collection.

Visitors could immersively try on all items from the new collection right off the runway! Additionally, direct purchases could be made though the Seamm app.

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engagement rate for invitations


activations of AR Try-On


accounts reached Instagram coverage

Damur (Shih-Shun) Huang

Founder, #DAMUR

" We take pride in pushing boundaries bu incorporating AR try-on experiences, supported by Seamm, elevating our event beyond a traditional fashion show.

Guest of the #DAMUR fashion show

" This is a cool and innovative solution for designing the invitations! You’ll definitely stand out and have something unique for Berlin. I think this goes also very well with the press, as you are really bringing innovation and new companies to the start that could really shape the future in the next few years.

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