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Seamm x CLEAR TO RAIN at the Shanghai Fashion Week '24


The avant-garde fashion brand creates bold, distinct, modern styles using eco-friendly and degradable fabrics.


Pop-up at the Shanghai Fashion Week '24. Location: Pink House boutique, Yangpu, Shanghai


QR tags that enable claims of digital twins, an AR try-on mirror, and direct purchases of phygital items via the Seamm app.

(  Solution  )

3D Digital Twins

3D digital twins of CLEAR TO RAIN's iconic coats, including the Print Suit with Lace and the Print Suit from its acclaimed "THE 90S" collection.

AR Try-On lenses are available for all twins, with customization features and Minecraft skins for some of them.

Mirror AR Try-On

A few locations at the event venue were designated for the AR Try-On of the Seamm x CLEAR TO RAIN phygital collection.

Visitors could immersively try on all items from the new collection right off the runway! Additionally, direct purchases could be made though the Seamm app.

(  Summing up  )


Jin Fiona Yan


During the event, the introduction of our digitizing fashion-CLEAR TO RAIN X SEAMM attracted a lot of consumers’ attention, we also launched small talks in which we’ve shared the concept and actions of phygital to the attendees. Most of the consumers showed strong interests about our digital items, we’ve absolutely improved exposure of our phygital collaboration.

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